Winter wonderlands: Santa Claus villages in Europe

Photo: Jurgita Simeleviciene/Business Fondue

Whether you are three years old or 73, visiting a Santa Claus village and meeting the beloved Christmas character is always an adventure.

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Top 10 bizarre habits in different countries that will surprise a first-time visitor

From Chinese spitting in public places to Spaniards tossing dirty napkins on a bar’s floor, here are 10 bizarre habits around the world that will leave a first-time visitor surprised.

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Can rail workers’ strikes change French commuting habits?

“A strike. Think of carpooling”, suggest electronic signs along the highway to France’s city Lyon. Photo: Jurgita Simeleviciene

While France’s state-owned railway company’s SNCF workers are on the major strike, French are transforming their commuting habits and showing more support to government’s plans to reform the company.

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