Best places to see the blooming lavender fields in France

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Renowned for its magnificent landscapes of purple lavender fields, Provence in France is filled with places worth a trip.

When the lavender fields are in bloom from mid-June until the end of July, Provence becomes one of the busiest regions in France. Unique views of purple, violet and blue lavender fields attract more than 24 million visitors every year from all over the world. No wonder that in summer everything is about the lavender in Provence. Until mid-August charming villages of Provence organize lavender festivals with traditional dances and songs, distillation demonstrations and artisan markets.

Here are the best places in Provence to admire the blooming lavender fields.

Senanque Abbey
Sénanque Abbey

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

For a postcard-perfect view, visitors head to the famous monastery of Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey. The 12th-century abbey surrounded by purple lavender fields makes a great stop for unforgettable views and attracts crowds of visitors every summer.

Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey is home to a community of Cistercian Brothers. The monks make a living and maintain the abbey from cultivating lavender, producing olive oil and honey. A monastic shop sells different items made by monks, such as an essential oil of lavender, honey, olive oil, soaps. Tourists can also visit the abbey.

Plateau de Valensole
lavender fields

Photo courtesy of Salva Barbera/Flickr

Valensole, which is called the lavender country, is a perfect place to take a stroll among the flowers and enjoy a sweet scent filling the air. The vast purple fields are stretching as far as the eye can see. More than 300 square miles (800 sq km) are devoted to the cultivation of lavender that makes Valensole plateau the biggest area in France for lavender growing. In addition to magnificent views, the visitors of Valensole plateau can also travel to lovely villages with churches, castles, ramparts, museums, and distilleries.


Photo courtesy of x1klima/Flickr

Perched on the top of the hill at over 2297 ft (700 m) above sea level the little village of Sault is a perfect spot to admire panoramic views over the blue lavender fields. A walking trail goes from the village down to the fields.

Plateau d’Albion
plateau d'Albion

Photo courtesy of Philip Haslett/Flickr

The Plateau d’Albion is another a must-see destination for lavender fans. When the flowers are in bloom, 11.119 acres (4.500 ha) area that is covered by the lavender transforms into a purple sea. In plateau d’Albion visitors are rewarded by impressive views as the purple lavender fields mix with gold wheat.

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