Many Swiss farmers use honor system to sell their products. Here’s why

Pumpkins by the road sold based on the honor system

These pumpkins are sold relying on the honesty of customers. Photo: Jurgita Simeleviciene/Business Fondue

Take a drive through Switzerland’s countryside in autumn, and you’ll encounter one of the most fascinating country’s traditions: unmanned roadside stands selling seasonal fresh-picked vegetables and fruits.

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Vegetable and fruit self-picking season in Switzerland

Many farms in Switzerland offer fruit and vegetable picking in September. People come to pick their own pumpkins, beans, apples, raspberries, plums, and other seasonal vegetables and fruits. It’s a lot of fun for families with children.


Why Romania is a nation of homeowners, while Switzerland – a nation of tenants 

Monthly mortgage costs are the same as monthly rental payments in Romania. Photo courtesy of Alexandru STAVRICĂ/Unsplash

97% of Romanians and 90% of Lithuanians live in their own apartments or houses, while more than half of the Swiss and Germans rent their residential properties. Here’s why.

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Family-friendly ideas that made shopping and traveling much easier

A playroom on a train in Finland, a children's bedroom in Geneva's airport and a toy hidden in aisles in a grocery store in the US

From a playroom on a train to a toy hunt in a grocery store. These are the best ideas from the companies around the world that turned the shopping and traveling experience with kids into an adventure.

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