How do mountaintop hotels get their supplies

Vegetables are being transported by cable car to restaurant in Rila mountains, Bulgaria. Photo courtesy of Hannes Sakulin

Ever wondered how do supplies reach mountaintop hotels, restaurants and huts? A hint: it’s definitely not by car.

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These cities are the world’s top tourist destinations

Here are the world’s most visited cities, and the reasons why you should add them to your travel bucket list. 
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Many Swiss farmers use honor system to sell their products. Here’s why

Pumpkins by the road sold based on the honor system

These pumpkins are sold relying on the honesty of customers. Photo: Jurgita Simeleviciene/Business Fondue

Take a drive through Switzerland’s countryside in autumn, and you’ll encounter one of the most fascinating country’s traditions: unmanned roadside stands selling seasonal fresh-picked vegetables and fruits.

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