Moscow has the world’s worst traffic

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Moscow tops the ranking of the world’s most congested cities of 2018, followed by Istanbul and Bogota.

Being stuck in traffic for hours is definitely one of the worst moments of the day. It can get even worse if during the rush-hour you are driving in Moscow, a city with a population of 11 million.

The capital of Russia ranks No. 1 of the world’s most congested cities, according to the latest Global Traffic Scorecard released by the mobility analytics company INRIX.

On average, drivers in Moscow lost 210 hours to congestion in 2018. In fact, during peak commuting hours other Russian cities are struggling too. Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, took the ninth place in the ranking.

Istanbul (Turkey) was named as having the second-worst traffic in the world, followed by Latin American cities Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Boston has America’s worst traffic

Boston claimed the 8th place in the list, becoming the most congested American city. In Boston, drivers spent 164 hours in traffic jams last year making this city rank ahead of Washington (No. 19, 155 hours), Chicago (No. 23, 138 hours) and New York City (No. 40, 133 hours).

A driver in Boston lost $2,291 because of the congestion, suggests the report. It is almost twice as much as on average in the US. In 2018, an American driver spent 97 hours stuck in traffic, which costs $1,348 per driver. In total, the rush-hour traffic jams cost Americans $87 billion a year. 

London (UK), which is the second world’s most visited city landed into the 6th spot, while Rome (Italy) rounded out the top 10 world’s most congested cities.

World's most congested cities

Source: INRIX
4.Mexico City
5.Sao Paulo
7.Rio de Janeiro
9.Saint Petersburg

2018 Global Traffic Scorecard report analyzed congestion in more than 200 cities, across 38 countries.

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