Here are the most popular potato chips’ flavors

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Potato chips are the most popular salty snacks around the world, but each country has its own favorite flavor.

Consumers are snacking more than ever. According to the Hartman Group, an American food and beverage consultancy report, 91% of consumers snack multiple times throughout the day.

It’s a huge opportunity for food manufacturing companies so it comes as no surprise that today’s range of snacks is wide and tend to include fresh fruits, nuts, smoothies, cookies, yogurt and other options.

However, consumers more frequently choose savory snacks over the sweet ones, showed the research from the market research company Euromonitor. And when it comes to salty snacks, potato chips are the top choice. According to, more than three-fourths of Americans grab chips as the go-to-snack.

Although consumers across the globe might agree on choosing chips as a go-to snack, their preferences on a range of flavors differ from country to country. When it comes to choosing a favorite flavor of ice cream, yogurt or potato chips, each country has its own first choice. 

Here is how the most popular potato chips’ flavors differ in 5 countries.

The UK

Cheese&Onion is the flavor that sells the most in the UK, revealed online survey conducted by The next most popular flavor is Ready Salted, followed by Salt&Vinegar.


In Lithuania, on the other hand, the best-seller is Sour cream&Onion flavor, showed the survey of the best-selling items.

The US

Americans prefer plain flavor potato chips, revealed Statista research based on the US Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey. According to this statistics, more than 184 million Americans consumed plain potato chips in 2017. The second comes Barbecue flavor followed by Sour cream&Onion, Salt&Vinegar, Cheese, Jalapeno.


According to different sources, Paprika is one of the most favorite chips’ flavors in Belgium.


Salty seaweed (norishio) flavored potato chips were the best-sellers at Keio Store, a supermarket chain in Japan, revealed sales data for 2017.

As far as it concerns local flavors, manufacturers got very creative while developing the product range. Among the most unusual chips flavors around the world are Wasabi, Cola flavors in Japan, Cucumber,  Kiwi in China, Mint in India.

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