Electric scooters: a new commuting trend in Lithuania

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Once a kid’s toy, electric scooters emerged as a hot new trend for commuting in many cities around the world this summer. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of these cities.

E-scooters have been popping up on city streets as more and more adults are seeing them as a perfect way to travel to work without breaking a sweat. E-scooters are fast, allow to avoid traffic jams, and solve parking problems as they could be easily taken to the office.

Lithuanians use e-scooters for commuting, getting around in the city, going to business meetings or riding in a park.

City dwellers of all ages are discovering advantages of e-scooters. Children could be seen riding along with grandparents.

Retailers claim they have sold 3 -5 times more e-scooters this summer than in 2017.

E-scooters sharing start-ups are heading to Europe

In the US e-scooters sharing economy is on the rise. E-scooter fleets have descended on streets in San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and many other cities. Riders who rent an electric scooter via a phone app can pick up and drop off it anywhere.

Now, this trend is heading to Europe. Paris became the first city in Europe where the US start-up Lime has launched a pilot scheme for e-scooters sharing service this summer. In the beginning of August Paris was followed by Madrid where hundreds of e-scooters have descended on streets.

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