From Japan to France: the most beautiful spring blossom destinations

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From dense carpets of colorful tulips in the Netherlands and white meadows full of daffodils in Switzerland to purple lavender fields in France and pink cherry blossom trees in Japan. These are the world’s best destinations to see blooming flowers in spring and summer.

Nobody can argue that there’s something about blooming flowers. And it’s no coincidence that local flowers became a symbol of many countries and regions.

So if you are planning to travel in spring, make sure to look for some spring blossom spots in the area. Vast fields of flowers in all their glory will add a majestic look even to the grayest landscape.

In many places, April is the best month to admire flowers. However, the time for peak blooms vary by flower species and countries.

Here are some of the best world’s spring blossom destinations:

1. Cherry blossom in Japan

Photo courtesy of Pxhere

Hundreds of cherry trees covered in white blossoms look like they came straight out of a fairy tale.

A cherry blossom celebration attracts not only Japanese people who have a tradition to gather underneath the trees for a picnic but also foreigners. Each year, millions of tourists from around the world flock to see this magnificent view.

Last year, in April alone 2.9 million tourists visited Japan, according to Japan Tourism Agency.

An analysis from Kansai University reveals that local and foreign tourists who travel to view the bloom spend around $2.7 billion every year.

When to visit: early April

2. Tulips in the Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Pxhere

There are many places around the world to enjoy tulips in bloom but hardly any of it can compete with Holland’s tulips fields. Vast carpets of yellow, red, orange and pink colors leave visitors in awe.

Taking a stroll in rural fields is the best and, probably, the most enjoyable way to be amazed by blooming flowers. Noordoostpolder area is home to most tulip farms in the country. Also, Keukenhof, one of the world’s biggest flower gardens, is a must-visit. In spring, more than 7 million different flower bulbs bloom in this garden situated in Lisse.

In the Netherlands, several billion tulip bulbs are planted in more than 28,6 acres (11,6 hectares) every year.

When to visit: mid-April- the first week of May. Flowers bloom several weeks, however, the end of April is the best time to go.

3. Daffodils in Switzerland

Photo courtesy of Roxaneweb/Commons Wikimedia

Each May, thousands of wild narcissus (or daffodils) cover in white meadows above Montreux and Vevey towns in Switzerland.

The dense carpet of white flowers looks so impressive that a narcissus blooming phenomenon even got a name “May snow”.

The regions of Les Pleiades, Les Avants or Caux are the best places to see daffodils, and there are various walking trails past the fields. Official guided tours are also available.

For over a century the flowering period of daffodils has been the region’s attraction of the year with a narcissus becoming a symbol of Montreux.

When to visit: mid-May

4. Wisteria in Japan

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The view of cherry blossoms is not the only one worth a trip to Japan. Several country’s parks are home to wisteria canopies and tunnels that look out of this world during peak blooming periods.

Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi features the most impressive wisteria canopy in the Japan. Branches of gigantic 150-year old tree are spreading wide to create a huge umbrella of flowers. In the evening, Great Wisteria looks even more magical as it is all light-up in purple.

The largest Japan’s wisteria park is also home to 350 trees, and an 80-meter long tunnel made of white wisteria flowers.

Can’t get enough of this tree? Try wisteria-flavored ice cream that can be bought in the park.

When to visit: mid April – mid-May

5. Lavenders in France

Purple lavender fields have become one of the biggest attractions in France and the symbol of Provence.

Unique views of purple, violet and blue lavender fields attract more than 24 million visitors every year from all over the world. No wonder that in July, when these flowers are in full color, everything is about the lavender in Provence.

From the famous monastery of Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey to Valensole, which is called the lavender country, there are several places that are particularly great to view blooming lavender fields.

When to visit: July

6. Poppies in the USA, California

There is no better place to admire blooming poppies than California. After all, a poppy is the official flower of California state.

When these wildflowers burst into bloom in April, they paint the hillsides of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in yellow and orange. Flower lovers can take various hiking trails, stretched across meadows.

When to visit: early April

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