The most chosen brands in different countries

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Photo courtesy of Mike Mozart/Flickr

Warburtons bread is the most loved shopping brand in the UK, Coca-Cola ranked number one in the US, bakery brand Dr.Oetker leads Germany’s ranking, while Maggi products are the most popular in Malaysia.  

Coca-Cola remains world’s most chosen brand for the sixth consecutive year, ahead of Colgate and Maggi, revealed the new “Brand Footprint 2018” report by retail analyst Kantar Worldpanel. However, the top 5 most purchased brands differ from country to country. 

Although local dairy brands top the ranking in most of the countries, every country has its own specifics. In Asia instant noodles and seasoning brands made it into the top 5, in the US chocolate brands are among the most popular, while Brits love bread and biscuits. 

The sixth yearly barometer “Brand Footprint” measures brands by the number of households buying a brand and the frequency of purchase.

Here are the most chosen brands in 10 countries.

US: Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is the most popular item in the shopping carts of Americans. It was bought a total of 1.090 billion times last year. The second came confectionery brand Kraft, followed by Lay’s chips, chocolate Hershey’s and beverage Pepsi.

China: dairy brand Yili

Chinese consumers prefer local brands to global ones for fast moving consumer goods. The most popular brands in China are dairy brands Yili and Mengniu, followed by instant noodle brand Master Kong, seasoning brand Haday, rice cake and flavored milk brand Want Want. In fact, Chinese brands dominate the list of the 10 most chosen brands.

India: confectionery brand Parle

Photo courtesy of Manivanswiki/Wikipedia

Similarly, local food brands dominate Indian market. Biscuits, confectionery and snack brand Parle leads the ranking. Its products have been bought by almost 72% of the population last year. Dairy brand Amul is the second most chosen brand in the ranking, while shampoo Clinic Plus came third. Dairy brand Britannia and local detergent brand Ghadi were placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

Malaysia: instant noodles brand Maggi

Photo courtesy of Yun Huang Yong/Flickr

On the contrary, consumers in Malaysia choose international brands over the local ones. Nestle-owned soups, noodles, seasoning brand Maggi and sugary chocolate powder drink Milo are the most popular brands in this Southeast Asia country. Actually, these products are so common that many Malaysians believe they are local brands.

According to Swiss-based food manufacturer Nestle, Malaysians drink six million cups of Milo a day and consume 600 million packets of Maggi instant noodles a year. Introduced in Malaysia and Singapore more than hundred years ago Milo brand has become a household name. Generations grew up drinking Milo since green vans had been distributing this chocolate flavored drink to students during annual sport days at schools.

The dairy brands Dutch Lady, owned by Dutch company Royal FrieslandCampina, and Marigold, owned by Singapore based company Malaysia Dairy Industries came third and fourth in the most chosen brands ranking while food brand Adabi occupied the fifth place.

Thailand: dairy brand Dutch Mill

Photo courtesy of Ian Fuller/Flickr

Thai dairy brand Dutch Mill is the most preferred brand in Thailand. Dutch Mill products are estimated to be consumed by over 30 million people daily. According to “Brand Footprint 2018” report, 82.3% of population bought this brand last year. Local instant noodle brand Mama snatched the second place, followed by Japanese seasoning brand Rosdee, coffee brand Nescafe and international chips brand Lay’s.

Kenya: food seasoning brand Royco

Photo courtesy of Mcability /Pixabay

Unilever-owned global brands dominate in Kenya’s market. Food seasoning Royco is the most purchased brand in this country. Unilever’s soap brand Sunlight came second while Procter&Gamble’s detergent Ariel was the third. Unilever’s margarine brand Blue Band took the fourth position, while Menengai was ranked fifth.

Peru: dairy brand Gloria

Photo courtesy of Pranav Bhatt

Local dairy brand Gloria is the most popular brand in Peru. It was picked of supermarket shelves 338 million times last year. Other brands rounding out the top 5 include Japanese seasoning brand Ajinomoto, toilet paper and paper towel brand Elite, broth cube Dona Gusta and popular beverage Inca Kola.

Germany: bakery brand Dr. Oetker

Photo courtesy of theimpulsivebuy/Flickr

Bakery brand Dr.Oetker named best loved shopping brand in Germany. Soup, broth cube and seasoning brand Knorr took the second place, ahead of dairy product Mueller, Maggi and chewy sweets Haribo.

Poland: dairy brand Mlekovita

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Polish love milk and its products. Four of five of the most popular shopping cart brands belong to dairy companies. Mlekovita ranked first, followed by dairy brands Mlekpol, Piatnica Piatnica Osm and Zott. Seasoning brand Winiary ranked fifth.

UK: bread brand Warburtons

Photo courtesy of Alexander Baxevanis

Bread Warburtons is ranked number one in the most purchased UK brands list. It has been bought by almost 85% of the population in 2017. Tomato sauce, baked beans and soup brand Heinz took the second place, ahead of bread Hovis, biscuits McVitie’s and chips Walkers.

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