Public pianos filling Geneva’s streets with music

In June the streets of Geneva, Switzerland, are anything but boring. 34 street pianos that have been installed around Geneva are filling the city with music.

Public pianos in Geneva are the part of the global project Play Me, I’m Yours.

Passers-by are invited to play pianos that are located in parks, on the Lake Geneva shore path, in squares and courtyards. Pianos could be found even in tram stops. Each piano is decorated differently by artists.

Geneva’s residents and tourists enjoy playing public pianos. Music instruments rarely stay unused. Adults and children alike stop in to give it a try. Undoubtedly, Genevois are really good at playing a piano.

Street pianos will be available in Geneva until June 27th.

The project Play Me, I’m Yours was started by British artist Luke Jerram. More than 1800 pianos have now been installed in over 60 cities across the world.

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